manson69freak (manson69freak) wrote,

so like..

i feel like shit. i've decided to end my friendship with alcohol.
at least for a week.

last night was fun.
but it totally reaffirmed my belief that all males are stupid.
convinced 4 guys that i dont really know all that well to send me cock pix.
and they did.
without me sending anything in return.
they're so gullible, i almost feel mean.

it was pretty amusing though, kept showing the pics to lesbians, and they were getting freaked out. hahaha.

went through maccas in reverse, because rebels window doesn't wind down.
it was pretty much the most amusing thing i have ever done in my entire life.
the looks on the peoples faces of the car that was behind (infront?) of us. hahaha.

friday night was fun. got very drunk. ended up with a trip to the er ward. then back to my place for sex. very eventful night.

... so. what happens when you need a rebound for the rebound? eh.
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