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Mickey Avalon last night was fucking amazing! Took forever for him to get on, but it was well worth the wait.
Not saying too much in a public entry, but he is a fucking amazing kisser! OOOH YEAH! Though he probably shouldn't have written a song about having a big dick... But, he was coked off his head, so I won't judge him too harshly there... Could have had something to do with it.

Anyways, got to Blink at about 3, just before shut out... Was so psyched from the gig and the after-gig festivities :P
ah, Mickey (yeah, his dicks been in my mouth, so i feel that puts us on a first name basis) decided it would be fun to pour jack daniels all over everyone... and then red wine... red wine, in your eye - REALLY FUCKING HURTS! lol. was funny at the time, but i fucking stunk like booze, was surprised I got into blink...

Went with Krys, but he left soon after, so I made friends with two really hot guys and some chick and her two mates... We had a good time there...
Then weren't keen to go home, so we ended up at kings cross... again. this needs to stop happening. lol.
was at the most seedy strip club, this coked out stripper was just lying on the ground rolling around... most weirdest music, at one point she was rolling around on the ground to the cure >.>
Got over that pretty quickly, the girl and her two mates went home and I went back to the boys place in randwick... hahaha, good night indeed. hooked up with one of them, who looks like a splitting image of matt heafy... meow meeeeow. :D

got home at about 11.30 the next morning.

awesome friday night...

about to go out and do it all again! :D
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