manson69freak (manson69freak) wrote,

i want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart.

so, just bought a 26" HD monitor for my comp. Woot.
gonna be able to play the ps3 on sweet sweet HD. ohhh yeah.
(wasn't playing it on full HD before, will be now! :D )

the boy.
is amazing. and crazy. all at the one time.
i'm not sure where we're at.
but i love it. we're so perfectly dysfunctional :)

told my boss today that i hated her.
was pretty shit.
gonna try and get transfered to another store.
something closer to home, please.

blinkie blink on friday with my hayleypants and stupidmonkey.
pretty sure nate is coming along.

well. i'm going to go watch coraline and then sleepy time.
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